FOREL´ 38%


FOREL´ (English trout) - species of salmon - the symbol of a natural indicator of ecological purity and innocence of picturesque Carpathian mountains, where Forel Vodka was born – the first mountain Vodka in the European style.

We have created FOREL´ for you, the true gourmets, in the bosom of the Carpathian blue mountains, where the fish FOREL´ has been a part of the local rapid rivers for more than one thousand years. A similar spirit can be created only here, where the mysterious secret of the sun, clean air, water and earth, centuries-old tradition of good drinks production in combination with ultra-modern technology of the 21st century, contributes to a creation of a smooth, delicious and unique taste of FOREL´.

A drink made of the selected materials of the highest quality with the technology of sevenfold distillation, mixed with crystal clear water of the Carpathian springs; brings FOREL´ at the highest level of quality.

Try at least once, you can appreciate its quality and you will irreversibly become a fan of the elite FOREL´.

Volume: 0,7l