Double Cross vodka 40%


The story of Double Cross vodka started seven years ago. An American Malcolm Lloyd, co-owner of Old Nassau Imports, decided to bring to the market a new top-quality vodka. He was looking for a manufacturer in countries with the richest distillery tradition, in the countries of Eastern Europe. Therefore, a trained surgeor also visited Slovakia.

In the first stage, in the selection process, there were about 60 producers with more than 200 types of vodka. After an analysis by the U.S. laboratories and sensory tests, a sample of Slovakian vodka produced by GAS Familia, Ltd. company caught their attention.The bottle is produced in France, its unique and unmistakable design originates in the USA. Rectangular bottle has a metal cap with a logo engraved into it, double cross from polished metal is over-molded into the thick glass and the back of the bottle is decorated with verses of Slovak poets - Sládkovič and Holly.

The reasons for Double Cross Vodka success, which first saw the light of a day in 2007, are high-quality starting materials, seven-fold distillation of alcohol and seven-fold filtration. Wheat grown on allocated plots, alcohol mixed with Tatra spring water and filtration through diamond dust give the vodka exceptional softness.

At present, ultra-premium vodka Double Cross is sold in 39 U.S. states.

Volume: 0,7l