Dry white wine

Grape Variety: Mtsvane Kakhetian

Region of Origin: Manavi microzone

Alcohol: 13%

Year: 2017

Manavi is a dry white wine made from the famous autochthonous grape variety Mtsvane Kakhetian. According to the classic recipe, it is not allowed to add other types of crops to the composition of Manavi wine except for this variety. The history of this noble drink dates back to 1938, and today the Manavi wine is considered one of the most significant examples of Georgian winemaking. The beautiful name of the wine Manavi has been given in relation to its place of origin. It is produced in the Manavi microzone, Sagarejo Municipality, Kakheti region, where experienced Georgian craftsmen cultivate the magnificent white grape Mtsvane on the picturesque Gombori hills.This drink has gained tremendous popularity due to its recognizable features: pale yellow color with light grassy tints, steady fruit aroma with notes of apples and pears, as well as soft, harmonious taste, which shows a juicy range of fruit tones and elegant refreshing notes. The wine will be an elegant addition to poultry, fish and seafood, as well as to young cheeses.